​CG ~ San Jose

"Krista is a phenomenal trainer and life coach.  I've worked with her for over two years now and she has completely changed my life for the better.  Krista is a true professional, showing up on time to the minute every workout, and changing the routine to keep it interesting and fun.  She is by far the best trainer I've ever had and would strongly recommend her to the beginner and expert alike.  In addition to the physical workout, Krista takes time to get to know your diet, stresses, sleep patterns, etc.. And provides a 'whole life' solution that makes the difference."

BM ~ San Jose

I am thankful for the opportunity to work with Krista and truly appreciate her fitness expertise, enthusiasm and that she truly cares about her clients.  She has helped me achieve my fitness goals and an overall level of “healthiness” that is beyond what I had imagined.  Krista’s positive influence and the right amount of pushing always give me workouts that are unique, challenging and fun.

JH ~ San Jose

Krista has given me my life back!  Yes, after 40 yrs of a back, I now do not have the pain.   She provided the exercises to strengthen my core and  THE PAIN IS GONE.  My wife and I are able to take long trips to  New York and Europe with no worries or Pain.

In addition, I was out of breath walking fast,  and now I can run with no chest pain.  I was a Boy Scout and Backpacker carrying a 40 lb pack throughout the Sierras and in great shape.  Then a back spasm started a spiral down to worrying about every cough and cutting the lawn, and not playing Ball with my Sons.  Now I work all day, taking breaks when I should and do not wake up the next day all doubled over or lying in bed.  IT IS GREAT to go into Retirement doing what I want.

KCT ~ San Jose

Krista makes me move.  With years of inert behavior in my recent past, I’d be a lot more comfortable blobbed out on the sofa.  Chronic illness has a way of hypnotizing me into complacency, but Krista’s prods of admonishment, tempered by a dash of silliness, keep me engaged with the exercises. Krista knows how to push me beyond what I think I can do.   She takes into account my physical limitations without allowing those limitations to dictate the vigor of my workouts.